Dreams do come true

GVMH provides great care to our patients every day, and that’s because our staff cares for – and about – our patients.

Along the way we all need a little help.  Mary Darling, a social worker in the Oncology Department at GVMH, took it upon herself to help make a dream come true for one of our patients.

Sandra Lacount, pictured holding flowers alongside her son, was diagnosed with cancer in January 2014. Dr. Lara Kenney managed Sandra’s care, which involved surgery, chemotherapy and radiation.  Sandra improved but as is too often the case, she experienced a recurrence of her cancer that required additional chemotherapy and radiation in late 2015 through June 2016.  Sandra’s cancer is currently in remission.  As you can imagine, the past couple of years have been tough on her, and her family, and her need for treatment has required her to stay close to home.

Along the way Sandra shared with Mary that she moved to Missouri from California 29 years ago and she has not been able to visit family in California for a number of years.  Mary took it upon herself to submit a dream request to the Dream Foundation on Sandra’s behalf.

Last week Sandra’s dream came true.  Representatives of the Dream Foundation traveled to GVMH to present Sandra with roundtrip airfare and spending money for a two-week trip to California where she’ll spend time with family and friends.  While in California, Sandra plans to travel the state, investigate her family heritage and update family records.  Sandra’s grandson, who lives in California, recently graduated from basic training in the Marine Corps, and Sandra looks forward to celebrating his achievement with him.

The Dream Foundation serves terminally ill adults and their families by providing end-of-life dreams that offer inspiration, comfort and closure.  Sandra’s dream was the first granted to a GVMH patient by the Dream Foundation.  Now that staff understand the process they will be able to assist other patients in applying.

I was honored to be present when Sandra’s dream was granted.  Sandra and her family were touched and emotional, as were GVMH staff who have been involved in Sandra’s care for almost two years.  I’d like to offer a special thank you to Mary Darling for all she did to help make Sandra’s dream come true.

For more information on the Dream Foundation, you can visit http://www.DreamFoundation.org

About Craig Thompson

I am a young professional with two great sons, and I work in the healthcare setting. I am employed in hospital administration and serve as Chief Executive Officer at Golden Valley Memorial Healthcare in Clinton, Missouri. At GVMH we care for our families, friends and neighbors. We're committed to providing the safest, friendliest and most compassionate care to all we serve.
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