Obesity and Health

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Those with a body mass index, or BMI, above 40 are robbed of at least 6 ½ years, on average, of expected life span, a study has found. And the toll in years lost rises with the degree of obesity, reaching nearly 14 years for the most obese — those with a BMI above 55, researchers said.

The study found that the reduction in life expectancy associated with being extremely obese was similar to that seen in adults who smoke. And as a person’s obesity rises to higher levels, his or her expected life span falls below that of smokers.

The findings come from a project that aggregated the results of about 20 long-term studies on obesity conducted in the United States, Australia and Sweden. They were published Tuesday and is believed to be the largest study to date of the health consequences of severe obesity.

Compared with their normal-weight peers, the extremely obese are more likely to succumb early to heart disease, cancer and diabetes. For men with “Class III obesity,” the rate of death attributable to heart disease and diabetes is especially elevated compared with normal-weight males. For women in the same obesity category, cancer deaths dramatically outstripped those among normal-weight women.

But premature deaths attributable to all causes, from injury to chronic lower respiratory infections, were consistently higher in those with severe obesity, the study found.

The extremely obese — those who generally would need to lose 100 pounds or more to attain a “normal healthy weight” — are a fast-growing segment of the U.S. population, now representing about 6 percent of American adults.
The medical costs for such patients are outsized as well, accounting for 1 in 5 health care dollars spent per capita in the year 2000.

The latest findings suggest that extreme obesity may be even more dangerous for men than it is for women and for younger adults compared with older ones.
Increasing research has shown bariatric surgery to be highly effective not only at inducing weight loss but at forestalling and reversing the health consequences of obesity.

Fortunately for residents of the Golden Valley area GVMH now offers weight loss surgery. Dr. Brent Bell provides weight loss surgical options at GVMH.

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