You never know what might turn up in a blog

One day last week I was forwarded an email with a link to the Fire/EMS Blog Site titled “Wooden Ladders and Iron Firemen”.  The blog is authored by Willie Wines, Jr., Captain with the Roanoke Fire / EMS Department in Roanoke, VA. 

I’ve copied his most recent blog and pasted it below for you to see.  Take a look, you’ll be proud of our community!  You never know what, or who, might turn up in a blog!

I’ve mentioned on here several times how my dad …aka “Pop” drives a tour bus for the Bluegrass Band Nothin Fancy.  Well, one of his recent trips had him in Missouri.

Pop needed a place to stop, rest and clean up a bit. The band was playing there for a local fair / carnival.

Of course, with 30 years on the job behind him he knows that all he has to do is find a firehouse.

Well, Clinton only has one but he found it.

Pop got the grand tour and was very impressed. He commented to me on their apparatus in particular. He said that although the pieces have some age on them, you’d never know it by their looks. Very well maintained!

The station, he said; was no different. The fact that these folk have pride in their job was evident!

The members were just as professional.

The Chief and a group of 6-8 members took excellent care of Pop and seen to his every need. That’s Chief Leo Huff pictured to the left.

 They even  allowed the band to shower and freshen up at the station.

I’d like to send out a special THANKS to Chief Huff and his members for the brotherhood and professionalism! If any of you guys are ever in our area, please let me know and allow me the chance to re-pay the favor!

About Craig Thompson

I am a young professional with two great sons, and I work in the healthcare setting. I am employed in hospital administration and serve as Chief Operating Officer at Golden Valley Memorial Healthcare in Clinton, Missouri. These are challenging and exciting times in healthcare and my blog will focus on healthcare, raising boys or being raised by boys, and living in mid America.
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