Should the Social Security retirement age be raised

There’s been a lot of debate about Social Security and the solvency of the trust fund.  Social Security was created to provide a benefit to retirees from retirement to death.  As life span increases the natural debate becomes “should Social Security retirement age be increased to reflect advances in medical care and longer life spans”.

Seventy-seven percent of likely voters believe Social Security is in trouble, while just 15 percent believe the program is financially sound, according to a poll conducted for The Hill. Forty-eight percent believe that the Social Security retirement age should not be raised for people born after 1960, who are currently slated to begin receiving full benefits at age 67. Forty percent favor pushing back the retirement age. The Congressional Budget Office recently reported that Social Security posted a deficit last year for the first time in years and projected it would do so again this year.

Let’s find out what you think.  Take a moment to complete the poll and let me know if you think the Social Security retirement age should be pushed back for those born after 1960.

About Craig Thompson

I am a young professional with two great sons, and I work in the healthcare setting. I am employed in hospital administration and serve as Chief Operating Officer at Golden Valley Memorial Healthcare in Clinton, Missouri. These are challenging and exciting times in healthcare and my blog will focus on healthcare, raising boys or being raised by boys, and living in mid America.
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