How did I do on my predictions for 2011

Just beforfe the first of the year in 2011 I did a blog predicting local, regional and national story lines for 2011.  Let’s take a look and see how I did.  The predictions are numbered and the results are in BOLD

I was far from perfect but I never said I had a crystal ball! 

1)  A business employing at least 50 people will announce plans to open in Clinton. – Didn’t happen, but I’m very optimistic that Clinton is well positioned to see some activity in the area of business growth.  As many of you know I am involved with the Greater Clinton Area Chamber of Commerce and my term as President begins January 1, 2012.  The Chamber’s primary mission is to promote economic development in the area and the staff at the Chamber have been working hard to do just that.  I believe we will see the fruits of their labor come to fruition in 2012.

2)  GVMH will sign two physicians, one of which will be an orthopedic surgeon. – Ding, Ding, Ding!  GVMH did see two new physicians start in 2011.  Dr. Pamela McCool, OB/GYN and Dr. James Womack, Orthopedic Surgeon. 

3)  Attempts to repeal health care reform will fail although the timeline for implementation will be adjusted and providers will be given more time to implement required changes. – I was kinda right.  The Supreme Court will be deciding whether or not the individual mandate requiring the purchase of health insurance is constitutional.  The court has not yet ruled but at this point health care reform still stands.  There will be more news to come but I stand by my prediction.

4)  Missouri State Revenues will be better than expected and the state fiscal year 2013 budget will reflect more services for Medicaid recipients. – Again, I was kinda right.  I do believe state revenues were slightly better than expected but services for Medicaid recipients were unchanged.

5)  GVMH will commit to a construction project and begin plans to add new square footage to the existing hospital. – There are no formal plans to add additional square footage at this time.  The continued uncertainty in the health care world means being conservative is the best approach.  This is not the best time to take on debt related to a construction project.  The hospital remodel is, for the most part, complete and the facility has never looked better.  We continue to have some space needs in certain areas but we are an inventive bunch and we are looking for options that are more cost effective than new construction.

6)  The Kansas City Chiefs will take a step backwards next year and finish the season with a worse record than this year’s 10 and 6 team. – Ding, Ding, Ding!  I was right on here.  Their record is worse and they fired the coach.  The Chiefs did shock the world by beating the previously undefeated Green Bay Packers but the season was a disappointment overall.

7)  The second half of 2011 will see corporate profits jump, one of the greatest stock market runs in history will occur and the DOW will hit 13,500.  A major correction will follow. – In May the Dow Jones got as high as 12,876 but then fell to a low of 10,404.49 in October.  Corporate profits never jumped but a correction did occur.  Maybe 2012 will see the Dow hit 13,500, our depressed (and depressing) retirement accounts can only hope!

8)  Work will begin to expand the Clinton Airport and construction of a 5,000 foot runway will be initiated. – Ding, Ding, Ding!  If you buy a Lear Jet soon, you will be able to land it in Clinton in the near future.  Work has begun on the airport expansion and the work will continue into 2012.  I’m on the airport board and I learned a lot during the construction bidding process.

9)  Two teams from the Big 12 will play in the Final Four. – How about no teams from the Big 12 making it to the Final Four!  2011 was the year of the little guy.  The Final Four in 2011 included: Butler, VCU, UConn and Kentucky.  Once again, KU let me down.  I was for sure they would make it to the Final Four (a lot of my KU friends were sure they would as well).  Oh well, there’s always this year and the way MU has started the year…

10)  There will be a push to decrease federal spending and in a concession the Republican controlled congress will vote to increase taxes. – The government darn near shut down as the two parties could not come to an agreement over raising taxes or reducing spending.  A Super Committee was formed and that committee was just as incompetent at coming up with a solution for our mounting debt.  I should have known better than to make a prediction that congress would do something that made sense!

11)  One GVMH service will receive national recognition. – Man, I blew this one!  In fact, TWO GVMH services received national recognition.  In March our Food and Nutrition Services were recognized by DM&A as having the best customer service improvement in the nation by going from the bottom 5th percentile to the top 95th percentile!  Our Home Health Department was recognized for being in the top 10 percent of the entire nation based on outcomes, financial performance and quality.  The data to determine the award came from CMS and was compiled by the National Association for Home Care.  Great job by both departments and a great commitment to excellence by the staff in both departments.  I’m glad I got this one wrong!

12)  The actual temperate, excluding heat index, will never reach 100 degrees. – Man it was hot this summer and dry!  Not only did the heat index exceed 100 degrees, it stayed there for days on end.  We are still feeling the effects from the drought that affected most of the midwest.

13)  The US will not completely pull troops out of Afghanistan. – A withdrawal is underway.  Thank you to the troops who keep us, and our way of life, safe every day.  God bless you.

14)  The most popular movie in 2011 will not be in 3D. – I went to the movie theater exactly one time in 2011 and that was to see True Grit so I’m not exactly the best judge but an internet search showed only two movies in the top 10 for 2011 were 3D.  I don’t remember any blockbusters in 2011 but I’m sure there was at least one “can’t miss” that I missed.  Maybe I’ll try to go to the theater more in 2012.

15)  The Kansas City Royals will not finish in last place. – Ding, Ding, Ding!  Believe it or not, the Minnesota Twins were 8 games worse than the Royals.  I know many of the sports pundits believe the Royals have a chance to win their division in 2012.  I will believe it when I see it.  The Royals have a lot of young talent and should be able to score runs but can they pitch well enough to keep the other team off the scoreboard. History says no.

And one bonus prediction – my son will be out of diapers in 2011! – Yes, Yes, Yes.  My son officially wears “Big Boy Underwear” and trips to Kansas City take a bit longer because we have to stop for potty breaks.  In the end potty training was pretty easy, when the kid is ready potty training happens.

About Craig Thompson

I am a young professional with two great sons, and I work in the healthcare setting. I am employed in hospital administration and serve as Chief Executive Officer at Golden Valley Memorial Healthcare in Clinton, Missouri. At GVMH we care for our families, friends and neighbors. We're committed to providing the safest, friendliest and most compassionate care to all we serve.
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2 Responses to How did I do on my predictions for 2011

  1. Gordon Glass says:

    I predict the Royals will win 81+ games and finish third in our division.

  2. Janean Lanning says:

    One “bah humbug” the Chiefs will have a BETTER season!

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