Well it’s my blog and I should be free to take a few liberties….

  This past Saturday I was standing on the sidelines when The University of Missouri Tigers defeated The Oklahoma Sooners.   I am an MU alum and I support my school through the good times and bad.  I was on hand when Colorado got the fifth down and I was there when Nebraska “kicked” the ball in the end zone both denying Missouri wins. 

I was at Arrowhead Stadium in 2007 when Missouri and Kansas played to be number one in the nation.  Hands down that was the most important football game in the history of both schools and the greatest sports atmosphere I’ve ever witnessed.  The game against Oklahoma this past Saturday is a close second in terms of importance and exposure for the University.  The atmosphere was electric, the crowd was loud and a win over Oklahoma was long past due. 

ESPN’s Game Day was broadcast live from the Quad.  The Quad is a historic landmark on the campus, it’s the sight of the original Academic Hall that burned in 1892 and the only thing left from the fire are the university’s trademark 6 stone columns.  The setting for ESPN’s Game Day could not have been better and obviously ESPN agreed because this quote is from their official summary of the broadcast “The estimated 18,000 fans—a new GameDay record, breaking the previous mark set at Nebraska by about 3,000—were raucous throughout the three-hour GameDay show, which began at 8 a.m.”.

MU is credited with establishing the tradition of homecoming in the United States, which was subsequently adopted by most colleges and high schools across the country. The tradition began in 1911 when athletic director Chester L. Brewer invited alumni to “come home” for the big football game against KU.  This past Saturday, when MU and OU played, marked the 99th homecoming game and the 100th anniversary of the event.  You can be sure it was one of the best! 

I’m a fan of the Tigers but I’m not delusional enough to think they’re destined for a national championship but I do know there was no fifth down, no “flea-kicker” and for one day The University of Missouri was the center of the college football universe.

I’ve included a few pictures of the day’s festivities.  If you’ve ever watched College Game Day you know it’s tradition to bring catchy and unique signs to the broadcast in hopes that your sign will be on TV.  I included a picture of my favorite sign…if you ever played the game Oregon Trail as a child – you’ll like the sign.


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