College football season’s in full swing…

…and the Kansas City Chiefs are in first place (this is likely the only time I’ll be able to type these words all year so I couldn’t pass up the opportunity). 

The following was written by fellow MU Alum and ESPN Anchor John Anderson.  John is a few years older than me but we have a mutual friends and I’ve known John for almost 20 years.  This came from John’s blog.  Even if you’re not a college football fan the post is still entertaining.

“With the college football season kicking off this week, here’s my… *10 point college refresher course.* 

Big, quiet place with all the books is the library.  Big, loud place with all the people is the football stadium. 

Eating in the cafeteria is risking illness.  Eating in the parking lot is tailgating. 

Studying Sunday through Thursday makes you smarter.  Campus parties on Fridays and games on Saturdays make you more well rounded. 

Cuddly looking thing with a giant mascot head holding a child is the mascot. 

Cuddly looking thing with a giant mascot head holding a #2 pencil is Lee Corso. 

A game program is a course syllabus with advertising and a depth chart. 

Academic departments have benefactors. 

Athletics departments have donors. 

The hardest class to skip is the first one.  The easiest class is generally offered by the geology department. 

Distinguished looking 40 year old riding a bicycle is a professor.  Distinguished looking 40 year old driving the Cadillac Escalade is the head coach. 

Co-eds will go out with you after a win if you are wearing school colors.  Co-eds will not go out with you after a win if you are painted school colors.  

When looking for co-eds, transfer to Ole Miss. 

You are now ready for class and kickoff.”

Just a bit of trivia for you to ponder over the weekend: Of all the journalists ESPN employs, more have graduated from The University of Missouri’s Journalism School than any other.

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1 Response to College football season’s in full swing…

  1. T says:

    It is Monday, and… those Chiefs are still undefeated!!! Go Chiefs

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